OPINION: Local Government Elections

25th Nov 2021

In the last couple of issues of the Gazette, I have seen impressive adverts. from Councillor Bailey declaring that upon re- election  he will be an ongoing voice for Guyra and the villages. I would remind him that he should represent the total electorate.
Does ‘ongoing voice’ mean more of the same? I have not heard Cr. Bailey championing the cause of Guyra or Villages at any time. As a matter of fact, Cr. Bailey wanted to give Guyra ‘the flick’ as a meeting venue at the 26/06/2019 ARC meeting where future  dates and venues were discussed. Item 9.4 proposed by Cr. Galletly and seconded by Cr. Bailey read that all meetings be held in Armidale. All meetings to be held in Armidale ????? Is this an ‘ongoing voice’ for Guyra and the villages?
To me, it is more of a desperate plea of someone who will say anything to get re-elected and should be dismissed for what it is. As Cr’s Galletly and Bailey have declared their thoughts on Guyra and villages, their candidacy should be dismissed out of hand.
This, I believe, should also be the case with all sitting Councillors. It would seem that Guyra and the villages have been forgotten in the Councils endeavour to make a showpiece of Armidale. Who, outside of Armidale, will forget roundabouts costing $millions, driverless buses and other such decisions?
Should any of the sitting Councillors wish to take a tour with me, I will take them around some of the Guyra district roads so they can tell the electorate of their achievements. Roads such as Brushy Ck. Rd, Briarbrook Rd, Waverly Rd and the jewel in the crown, Westbrook Rd. While these are gravel roads, the Tenterden road (bitumen) is also falling to pieces.
Do the ARC realise that the people who use these roads pay their rates and for some it is the only way for them to get to town? I have no doubt that there are many more roads in the district that are deteriorating in varying degrees to this extent.
I ask the electors, that on Dec. 4th. when you go to the polls, please, in the No’s 1,2& 3 positions, vote Mepham, Schaefer and Clare, in your prefered order, so as to give a voice to ratepayers that live outside Armidale. Candidates Gaddes and Packham, while from Armidale, I believe are rural based. Also, please consider long and hard before ANY sitting Councillor gets your vote, due to the fiasco that has been Armidale Regional Council and will no doubt continue if given the opportunity.
Ray Mulligan