Be calm and stay patient, we are in this together

25th Mar 2020
Janelle Stewart

Guyra Pharmacist Vu Nguyen and his staff are seeing an increase in demand for some medications in response to the spread of the Coronavirus and want to reassure the community that they have sufficient stocks to see them through.
“In this environment right now, we are busy because people are keen to get their medications,” Vu said. “Some people are worried that we may run out of stock, but I want to assure Guyra residents that we have plenty of stock on hand and you don’t need to stockpile.”
“While there has been a rush on some items which is causing shortages, we are working with wholesalers to ensure we are restocked as soon as possible.
“At this time we also need to protect staff to ensure we can continue to provide the necessary services,” he said.
“We are available to help you over the phone so if you are unwell it is best to stay home, and we can deliver to your door.
“If you do come in let us know if you have any symptoms so we can protect both ourselves and other customers.”
“Home delivery is already available within town and we are working with the Post Office to expand deliveries to rural areas to help more people and assist those who are isolated or not feeling up to a trip to town.”
The Pharmacy is planning to extend opening hours, and from next week will be open from 8 am. This is for the elderly and people who prefer to come in when it is quiet or for those who have to go to work and can’t shop during regular hours.
The provision of immunisations for people who are providing essential services is also a top priority at the moment. The pharmacy is working to ensure teachers, supermarket employees and health workers receive the flu vaccine to make sure they are protected so they can continue to work and be healthy for as long as possible.
To further prevent the spread of illness they are moving to reduce the handling of cash and prescriptions. If possible they are requesting that payment is made by EFTPOS. Also to prevent double handling of prescriptions they can be left in the pharmacy, or download the My Pharmacy Link App which stores your prescriptions.
Other changes you will see are extra cleaning in line with government guidelines, separation of chairs, ensuring distance is maintained and no pens.
These changes are to protect both staff and customers. Vu said that customers have been very responsible up to date, and hopes they understand the need for these changes.
Depending on the spread of COVID-19 virus further restrictions may become necessary.
“We need to make sure our staff is healthy so we can continue to serve the community,” he said. “At the same time, we also want to make sure that our loyal customers are looked after.
“Please understand it is a stressful time for everyone, so please be patient this will only be short term and we are all going to get through this together. We just need to be calm and be patient.”