Get your nominations in before it is too late

Last year’s Australia Day nominees - nominations close December 6th for the awards which will be handed out in Guyra on January 26th, 2024
28th Nov 2023

Guyra’s Australia Day committee are still looking for unsung heroes of the local community to be nominated for Australia Day awards.
Nomination forms have been available for a few weeks, however applications have been slow to come in so far.
Time is running out to ensure that members of the Guyra community who have made significant contributions or have achieved at a high level are recognised.
Former Citizen of the Year Rita Williams is encouraging more people and groups to get their nominations in as soon as possible.
“We need people to put pen to paper now and fill in the nomination forms either in person or online,” Rita said.
“These awards recognise those in our community who work to make our town a better place.
“We want to see as many names put forward as possible so that these achievements can be openly acknowledged.”
Forms are still available at the GALA Centre in Guyra
You can also arrange to get a copy by phoning 6779 2132 or by email
Nominations close on December 6th.