Catch fish, not birds

Tangled fishing line and tackle pose a problem for wildlife
14th Nov 2023

The discovery of fishing waste near the trout dam in Guyra, adjacent to the Mother of Ducks Lagoon, has prompted a warning for anglers to take extra care.
Discarded fishing line and tackle is one of the most significant threats to local wildlife populations around the lagoon.
 One of the potential conflicts is due to bird entanglement in discarded fishing line.  When birds get tangled in fishing line it puts the animal under stress, can cause serious injuries to the bird and can even cause death.
The lagoon is home to a multitude of bird species it is the responsibility of all fishers to know how to fish in a way that minimises the chance of entangling a bird and what to do if they do catch a bird.
As well as knowing what to do if you find yourself with a tangled bird it is also important to dispose of your fishing line in a responsible way. Please be more considerate, and take your line with you when you leave and discard responsibly.