Family needs help in wake of tragedy

Luke Wells
17th Oct 2023

Guyra residents - I am reaching out to you for help. My Son Luke Wells (Wells Adventures on YouTube) was killed in a car accident on 30/9/23 at Bingara Road Bundarra.
Luke’s Vehicle, Buggy, Trailer and all his personal items were taken from the accident to the Secure Police Compound at Guyra. My Son has not been buried yet as his body has been with forensics.
We were notified on Monday 9/10/23 that the compound was broken into and Luke’s personal items have been stolen.
Missing are Luke’s clothes bag, his hunting bags with 10 dog collars, tracking devices and handheld GPS, his camera bags, his drone bag, his swag and fridge freezer, his carving knives and his hunting knives.
We need these items returned and we just can’t believe this is happening to us. Especially when Luke has not been laid to rest.
If anyone has any knowledge of this incident or sees or finds any items can they please contact us or the Guyra Police. Please, Please, Please!
Tracey Wells (Luke’s mum)