The World’s Longest Torch Relay visits Tingha

Tingha public school students holding the Torch of Peace
08th Mar 2023

A team of runners from around the world – ranging from elite athletes to Sunday joggers – arrived in Tingha on Saturday March 3rd.
The torch of peace left Brisbane on February 28 and is being carried right into Canberra. The Sri Chinmoy Oneness Home Peace Run is a global torch relay that carries the message of international friendship and understanding to over 70 countries throughout the world every year.
It is a universal expression of hope and promise for a better world based on the idea that peace begins within the individual, and each of us can influence the course of progress towards world harmony. Relay teams bring the Peace Run Torch to school children, community groups and civic leaders, every participant contributing by passing the torch from hand to hand, heart to heart.
This year a team of 12 runners from five nations as far away as Mongolia, Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala will carry the torch thousands of kilometres across Queensland, NSW and the ACT. Humanitarians such as Nelson Mandela, Cathy Freeman, Mikhail Gorbachev, Carl Lewis, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and Muhammad Ali have all been torch bearers.
They stopped at Tingha Public School and all the children and teachers held the torch and ran with the team. Local citizen Colleen Graham received the Torch Bearer Award at the school, a medallion that honours those that contribute to the community through their self giving efforts.
The team then met local citizens at Grahame Park performing their peace run song and explaining the run to the community. The runners spent the night at Green Valley Farm
Australian runner Salil Wilson has participated in runs in the US, Europe, and Asia.
“The run is a great vehicle for peace,” Salil said. “It brings out the very best in people and promotes the idea that peace begins with each one of us.
“The more people that hold the torch and offer their good will or support, the faster the world can reach the goal of world peace.”