Great enthusiasm for athletics

Guyra Central School Primary Athletics Champions Above ( l to r): Jake Artz, Rose Gordon, Ashton Hutton, I ndigo Atkin, Brax Hutton and Jessica Fletcher.
28th May 2024

Guyra Central School celebrated its annual Primary Athletics Carnival with great enthusiasm and spirit. Students enthusiastically participated in various events, displaying remarkable dedication to earn points for their respective sporting houses.
The highlight of the day was the thrilling relay races, which included two special relay teams comprising of teachers and parents, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the day. Gratitude is extended to the parents and teachers who actively engaged in this event.
Noteworthy achievements were recognised with Brax Hutton and Rose Gordon named Senior Boy and Girl Champions, Jake Artz and Jessica Fletcher as 11-year Boy and Girl Champions, and Ashton Hutton and Indigo Atkin emerging as Junior Boy and Girl Champions for 2024.
Congratulations to all the winners on their remarkable accomplishments. Malpas emerged as the triumphant house in this year’s athletics carnival.
Infant students from Guyra Central School engaged in a miniature Athletics carnival, emphasizing inclusivity where every participant is celebrated.
The event featured their inaugural 100m sprint, complemented by engaging activities like sack races, fostering a joyous and memorable experience for the young participants.

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