School support staff acknowledged

12th Oct 2021

Schools Recognition Week was held in early September with the Public Service Association (PSA) promoting the wonderful work School Administrative School Staff (SASS) members do.
The celebrations locally were delayed due to Learning from Home, however SASS staff from Guyra Central School celebrated at a recent morning tea. The important work they do was acknowledged and the school community is being encouraged to recognise and thank these members.
The PSA know it has been a tough year and hope all members have the opportunity, even in the midst of everything that is happening, to celebrate and to take a moment to reflect on the outstanding contribution these members of staff make to education in NSW.
Along with the huge contributions of our SASS members, including School Admin Managers, School Admin Officers, Aboriginal Education Officers and School Learning Support Officers, we also celebrate those in other non-teaching roles in schools such as our wonderful General Assistants, Farm Assistants and many others who all make significant contributions to the school community.