Guyra Police investigating thefts

05th Jun 2020
Guyra Police are investigating a number of thefts that have recently occurred in town. Between the 28th of May, and the 4th June, the Guyra Tennis Club Clubhouse in Dutton Parade was broken into, but nothing stolen.
On Sunday the 30th May, between 6.00pm and 9.30pm, two chainsaws were stolen from a vehicle which was parked in Tenterden Street, Guyra.
On the night of 30th May, a business in Falconer Street, Guyra was broken into and a number of chainsaws and chainsaw related equipment was stolen. Also stolen was an amount of cash, power tools, and football jumpers belonging to the Guyra Junior Rugby League Club.
Also, on the same night the Guyra Rugby League clubhouse, located at the sporting complex on the highway was broken into and a large amount of food and alcohol stolen.
NSW Police forensic Police have attended each location conducted an examination. It is suspected that the people responsible for these crimes had the use of a motor vehicle. Given the small size of the Community, it is very likely that people have information that would assist Police. These crimes not only impact upon the people involved, but also the wider community, its reputation and sense of community safety. Police are seeking assistance from within the Community in reporting any suspicious activities of people or vehicles, especially late at night.
There has been talk around town of other thefts that have occurred in South Guyra, but these do not appear to have been reported to Police. It’s vitally important to report crime of this nature, to ensure Police have an accurate picture of what is occurring in town. It is with this information that Police resources are allocated and tasked.