116th Guyra Show - Wood Chop

Ann Shipman
27th Feb 2024

Once again we were blessed with great weather to start our day off.  Our President, Richard Post, was introduced to our axemen and women, and thanked them for supporting our community.
This year our travelling axemen came from Nundle, Grafton, Herons Creek, Kempsey, Glen Innes and Armidale.
Our local contingent was made up of Michael and Ann Shipman and Luke Newberry.  Issac Moore, from Nundle, was our junior axeman.  Issac is 8 years old and started to woodchop when he was 5.  His father, Matt, coaches him and says Issac is mad about the sport and would some day like to compete in the Stihl series. 
Our veteran axeman, John Crosby from Glen Innes, is 82 years of age.  Our lady competitor, Ann Shipman, started double handed sawing and is now competing in the underhand events.
Each event can be run with either a 250, 275 or 300mm diameter block.  The block getters determine this when they are sourcing the logs in the bush.  Each heat and final has to be made up of wood from the same tree, so that there can be no advantage/disadvantage for the axemen competing in that heat. 
This means that in a heat of six competitors the tree chosen must be able to accommodate the diameter from the butt to the head of the tree in its trimmed state.  The finished blocks are 300mm long by the diameter chosen.  Once trimmed, each block is wrapped and marked with its heat/final number.  Wrapping the blocks stops the wood from drying out and cracking, as they are usually trimmed 2 to 4 weeks out from the event.
We would again like to sincerely thank our sponsors, as without their generous support we would not be able to run this event.  We ask that you support them.
Access Fuels, Armidale Sportspower, Betts Transport Pty Ltd, Carmichael & Co, Davidson Cameron & Co, Dot Vickery, Guyra Bowling Club, Guyra Neighbourhood Centre, Squadron Energy and Guyra Wind Farm Pty Ltd, Hanlons Consulting, John Crosby, Jones Cracknell Starr, M & J Moffatt Groundspreading, Matts Fencing, Newberry Contracting, Nutrien, Turtles Transport, Sole Taxation, Super Moto New England, Urandangie Pastoral Co.
If anyone is interested in taking up the sport, contact Michael Shipman.  Age or gender is no barrier.
Michael Shipman
Woodchop Steward

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