New Owner for Guyra Rural Services

Scot MacDonald (left), owner of Guyra Rural Services for 34 years, hands over the keys to new owner, Campbell Wolfenden
12th Sep 2023

Established 34 years ago, Guyra Rural Services has now been sold to the current manager, Campbell Wolfenden. The business will remain in its current premises at 173 Malpas Street.
Campbell has had a long agricultural association in the Guyra area from when his family moved to a grazing property at Black Mountain in 1973. This property was sold in 1979 and the family moved to a larger property in the Wandsworth area.
Campbell managed this property for a number of years until a decision was made to sell. Campbell, his wife Margaret and their three young children moved to Guyra to start a “new life after farming” which included jobs such as local newspaper editor and rural training facilitator.
In 2010 Campbell was offered and accepted the management position at Guyra Rural Services. Since then, focused training and research has been undertaken in soil chemistry, soil biology, multi species pastures, horticulture, apiculture, animal nutrition and grazing management.
Campbell sees a bright future in agriculture, especially in regeneratively managed enterprises that have a holistic approach to land management that keeps water in the landscape, improves soil health, stores carbon and increases biodiversity and natural capital.
Guyra Rural Services will continue to promote and support Regenerative Agriculture. It is not a one size fits all approach to farming or land management. It is principles and practices that enhance and restore strong, healthy ecosystems like soils and biodiverse pastures. Together, these have benefits for the farmer in terms of productivity and profitability, but also have long-term ecological benefits and support a healthy agricultural landscape.