Amazing ladies of the CWA get to work

13th Nov 2019
Janelle Stewart

CWA members this week took delivery of six pallets of donated items, which will be packed in to hampers and distributed to farming families affected by the drought and recent bush fires.
The donations come from the Drought Aid - Feed a Farmer drive organised by Jaclyn Bold. The CWA, in conjunction with The Hub have already distributed hampers in the local community, which have been welcomed as a symbol of hope by those that are doing it tough.
Leonie Hawkins from the Guyra evening branch of the CWA said that if nothing else the drought has highlighted the generosity that exists in the community and the willingness of people to help out their neighbours.
“There is a sense of relief to know that there are people in the cities wanting to help, people who are thinking of their country cousins and who care about what is happening in the bush.”
“It’s not really about what is in the hampers we hand out, but more that there is a hamper,” Leonie said.
“It is a symbol that says that someone cares, someone is thinking of you and appreciates what you do.”
“It is also an opportunity for farmers to take some time out from the daily grind and an opening for us to spread the message of what help is available and how it can be accessed.”

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