Active and creative kids vouchers to be cut back

21st Jun 2023

The NSW Government has confirmed that Active and Creative Kids vouchers will be halved to $50 and means tested. First Lap swim vouchers will also be halved in value, but the program has been extended for a year and will be available for all children.
Premier Chris Minns and Sports Minister Steve Kamper announced the new details last week and said the government was “making the Active and Creative Kids voucher programs more sustainable by introducing a new and permanent means-tested scheme from Term 1 next year”.
The new voucher will be for $50 and will be issued twice a year, at the start of terms 1 and 3, beginning in 2024. It will cover activities currently available under both the Active Kids and Creative Kids voucher programs. The vouchers will only be given to families receiving the federal government’s Family Tax Benefit Part A.
As an interim measure, the current Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers will be extended from July 1, 2023 until the new scheme is in place from February 1, 2024. The interim vouchers will be to the value of $50 for school-aged children.
Guyra based MLC and Shadow Minister for Youth Justice, Aileen MacDonald, has condemned the decision saying it will massively restrict the eligibility of NSW families.
Mrs MacDonald said thousands of families in regional NSW rely on the annual vouchers to enrol their children in sporting and creative activities.
“All families in our community could receive $300 per child per year in Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers under the Liberal and Nationals Government,” Mrs MacDonald said.
“Under Labor’s cuts, the number of eligible families will be cut in half, and those who are still eligible will receive just $100 per child per year.
“I’m really disappointed Labor has cut these highly successful programs at a time when the cost of living is rising and households budgets are already under significant pressure.”