The story of the Rotunda

Mandala Garden and Rotunda
14th Nov 2023

Some years ago, Guyra CWA sold our CWA building. This came about because we could not afford to keep up the maintenance on the building. We retained some of the funds for a community project.
Over the years there have been suggestions for the use of these funds, but nothing came to fruition until we came up with the idea of a Rotunda or Bandstand (with Grand Designs aspirations!) in McKie park across the road.
We approached the Garden Club with this plan, and they were very receptive to this idea. We looked at sites across the road but then the Garden Club suggested that the Rotunda and Mandela Garden could be combined. I think you would all agree that it was a brilliant idea.
We sincerely thank the Garden Club members for their cooperation with this project, especially David Kanaley, Wendy Mulligan and Sandra Welsman who spent a lot of time and effort in coordinating this project.
We also acknowledge Armidale Regional Council for their input, work and acceptance of this town beautifying project. It is just so satisfying when everyone can work together towards a common purpose, as all of today shows.
In July 2022 Guyra CWA celebrated our 90th anniversary. 90 years of continuous service in Guyra by our Branch is a remarkable achievement.
Our foundation members set a very high standard for us to follow. They worked so hard in those early years, their main goal being to have a building for the use of the community. When erected, the CWA building served as a rest room, baby health centre and a venue for so many special activities and education classes.
It was a hard decision to sell the CWA building, but when we look at this Rotunda, we hope that our community and visitors to our town can get a lot of pleasure from it. Even though our branch is getting smaller in numbers it is such a joy to see so many young women joining the Guyra CWA Evening Branch and carrying on the aims and traditions of the association. They are our future.
Heather Starr,
President, Guyra CWA

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