Demerger submission in the hands of Local Government Minister

18th Jul 2023

The Save & Grow Guyra Inc. (SaGG) committee have put their hand up on behalf of Guyra to have their council returned. Spokesperson for the group Rob Lenehan said that they have now completed and sent their demerger submission to the Minister for Local Government Hon. Ron Hoenig MP, the Premier Chris Minns and Local Member Adam Marshall.
Mr Lenehan said that the committee has worked extremely hard over a long period to achieve this.
“As President of SaGG Inc., I thank them for their dedication and countless hours sacrificed in accomplishing our goal,” he said. “There are some 9 or 10 councils across NSW wanting a demerger and we feel there is as good a chance now as there ever was.”
Along with other councils seeking demerger, Guyra is part of an alliance known as Demerge NSW Alliance. They have renewed hope, with ‘recent parliamentary mutterings’ concerning the forced amalgamations by the former coalition State Government in 2016.
They also believe there is a possibility of a plebiscite based on the pre 2016 council areas to determine whether the residents and rate payers want a demerger or separation of ARC to form new Local Government areas in Guyra and Armidale independently.
“There is a real opportunity for the Guyra and Armidale communities to exercise their democratic right and have their Councils returned,” Mr Lenehan said. “There are a small but determined number of opposition MPs sympathetic to our cause, so let us hope democracy can come to the fore and the Parliamentary balance of power can force a change and correct the dreadful debacle the Local Government amalgamations have caused.”
Now that the group have formed a committee and been granted Incorporation, they are asking the Guyra community to join Save & Grow Guyra Inc. Membership Forms and support letters are available for signing at Four Ways Service Centre in Guyra or by email