Bridgewater Bull Sale

Shacorrahdalu New Ground
17th Aug 2022

At Bridgewater Angus we strive to breed bulls with a combination of high EBV indexes and desirable phenotype.
The foundation of our stud breeding herd consists of high indexing cows, which were purchased from both the Wattletop and Ayrvale stud dispersal sales.
Some may think that we have put too high an emphasis on EBVs, well on that score we plead guilty. We believe that Angus EBVs provide an important tool for commercial breeders to make
decisions that help ensure profitability.
However, bull structure is also of great importance to us, hence why we employ Rayner Ag to thoroughly assess each of our bulls before they reach the sale ring.
The combination of EBVs and structure within our herd is evident, as our recent on property bull sale sold to a top of $35,000.
The top priced bull, Hometown BON21S 028 sold to Stratton Livestock and comprises of a calving ease +6.6, birth weight 3.7, 400 day 118, net feed intake +0.11, carcass weight an
impressive +108, eye muscle area +10, IMF 3.7 and A-L $494 which puts him in the top 1% for the breed.
All our stud animals that have been born in the past 4 years, have sire
verification and genomics conducted on them.
We believe and have suggested to the Angus society, that all registered Angus stud animals should have a DNA
profile, including parent verification.
This would ensure that a buyer of a given bull has surety that they are
buying as is advertised. It astounds me that bull buyers will pay in excess of $20,000 for bulls that are not sire
Some could say this is playing with fire, especially in regards to heifer bulls, where birthweight and calving ease are very important.
We are currently in the middle of calving our stud and commercial cows, which is of great excitement with some of the new genetics we have recently brought into the herd.
In particular, a bull we bought
from Shacorrahdalu Angus Stud from
Berremangra NSW. This New Ground son comes with a cracking set of figures. We expect there will be a few of yearling sons in our 2023 bull sale.
Once again thanks to our many supporters and new clients this year.
Roger Flower