Discovering science in a fun way

27th Oct 2020

On Monday October 20th, St Mary of the Angels had a visit from the UNE Discovery Voyager van.  The students had the opportunity to engage in some fun and exciting science activities.  They investigated the planets and their distances from the Earth and the Sun.  The children pegged inflatable model planets into the ground along a tape measure and compared relative distances of objects by measuring different angles to the planets and base distances.  Standard reference directions were determined with a clock and the Sun as the reference point. 
The students also engaged in some creative chemistry activities.  They made “Elephant Toothpaste” where yeast solution, hydrogen peroxide, soap and warm water were combined and created an exciting bubbling reaction.  They also tested the pH levels of household substances such as lemon juice, lemonade, water, laundry soap and diluted bleach.  The final activity was the “Whoosh Bottle Demonstration” where a small amount of ethanol was placed in a large bottle and shaken to produce a flammable vapour.   When ignited by Kieran from UNE there was a bang and flames could be seen inside the bottle.  The students had a great morning and really got involved in this fabulous learning experience.

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