Trout stocking with a difference

The 2021 trout release will look different to previous year's
07th Sep 2021

Trout stocking for the Guyra district will go ahead this year but without the involvement of our usual army of volunteers. The DPI run Dutton Trout Hatchery is closed to the public and unfortunately this also means they are unable to provide trout fry to the New England and upper Hunter fishing clubs to release in the usual way.
This doesn’t mean our streams will not be stocked. Staff from the hatchery are taking on the huge task of delivering the fish themselves to streams within the Armidale Regional Council area over the next two weeks. Not all the usual locations will be able to be reached due to soggy conditions and time limits but all major stream will receive an allocation. Sites Hatchery staff are able to reach easily will be where the fish go and in the words of NETAS secretary Laurie Muldoon “the fish will be told to swim”.
The Hatchery will hopefully be able to maintain the remaining fry for other clubs when they come out of lock-down. Unfortunately fish wait for no one and the hatchery hopes to be able to release all stocks before they outgrow their tanks.
As a bonus this season the Hatchery has undertaken to provide all clubs with fingerling size trout sometime in November. Let’s hope lock-down is over then and the Guyra Anglers Club and local volunteers can help with the release of these fish. Several carefully chosen locations have been selected for the fingerling releases to ensure the best possible survival rate.
Guyra Anglers Club Fish Stocking Officer L Chapman