Ingrid in Mexico - July Report

Nevado de Toluca. The volcano from the base ground
01st Aug 2023

Well, I have officially completed 6 months in Mexico. While not as busy as other months, July has still been draining. This month’s activities began with my Rotary club’s official handover dinner on July 5th.The company Rogelio and I had at the table made for an enjoyable night.
I spent the next four days at Indra’s house as Maritza had to go out of the city. Irving taught me to play a board game called Azul in which you must strategically use game pieces to create a mosaic tile wall while collecting as many points as possible and a Monopoly style card game called Machi Koro.
Saturday Ugo had to work so Indra, Irving and I had breakfast then went to the volcano, Nevado de Toluca. It had been raining a lot and showered on and off through the morning so didn’t hike to the summit, instead walking a few trails around the base. The mountain looked gorgeous nestled among the clouds and all the flowers were covered in little dew drops.
We spent Sunday in Mexico City, starting off at the Asian markets and then headed across town to Chapultepec Castle. We got to do an open walk through over a few hours so got a really good look at everything and learnt quite a bit.
The castle was first built as a summer house during the Viceroyalty of New Spain for the highest ranking colonial administrator. It was then used as a gunpowder warehouse and military academy before being remodelled and serving as the official residence of Maximiliano I of Mexico and his Empress Carlotta during the Second Mexican Empire in the mid 1800´s. Afterwards it became the official residence of almost all Mexican presidents until 1934, finally becoming a museum in 1939.
The next Friday Maritza, Rogelio and I went to dinner as it was our last full day together. We ate at what they call ‘The Bodega’ and all just chatted about our time together and what we enjoyed. Afterwards Irving, André and I saw Mission Impossible and had boba from Cassava Roots in Galerias Metepec.
On Saturday Axel had a volleyball carnival so we spent the day watching games. After breakfast the next day I took everything downstairs as I was scheduled to be picked up by Karin and Roberto at 9AM but they didn’t arrive until 5PM. We all talked in the house for a little then they drove me around the corner to my new house/family.
My new mum is Gaby and I have two older sisters, Heidi (22) and Giselle (19). Heidi lives and studies in Guadalajara so only Gaby, Giselle and I live in the house. They both call me Grace instead of Ingrid as well so we are the three G´s. I get on super well with them both and am very happy in my new home.
Last Sunday we attended Giselle’s Disney themed end of year ballet recital at the theatre in Toluca. Everyone was super proud she got a solo and it was great to see her dance for the first time after only ever dropping her to classes. We also went on a day trip/road trip with Giselle and her boyfriend Santiago to Guadalajara so he could adopt Heidi’s pitbull, Camillo. It was an extremely long trip but Santis parents hired someone to drive so none of us had to worry about that, not that I would have had to anyway. The conversation managed to get a little dark before I explained that at Guyra’s lamb and potato festival we do not sacrifice the sheep then and there. I think that sums up the month pretty well and hopefully I will have more good times to report on next month.
Regards from Mexico,
Ingrid Chilcott-Geere

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