Guyra War Memorial Hall

27th Sep 2022

Most of the Guyra community would know where the Cenotaph is located! It is in front of the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall where crowds gather every ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day to commemorate and honour those who have paid the supreme sacrifice.
What you may not know is that the Hall is a property of Crown Lands. This beautiful hall started its life with first discussions by the community and WWI returned soldiers in 1919, and the opening in 1920. For many years the hall was run and managed by veterans however as the years passed and fewer old soldiers, sailors and airmen were involved, the hall was eventually passed to the Crown and has been managed by “them” ever since. “THEM” is your neighbour, and even you – everyday community members!
The Guyra War Memorial Hall Trust was formed with many RSL and community members managing the hall. We are particularly grateful to Mrs Anne Woods who, for many years, was an active member of the Trust only retiring last year. Over the past few years, the Trust evolved into Guyra War Memorial Hall Land Manager (GWMHLM) where its members manage the Hall, operating like a company board of directors.
Every five years all positions are declared vacant, with everyone reapplying for appointment. There are seven voluntary positions on the GWMHLM, and they will all be ‘up for grabs’ in May 2023. Members of the public can volunteer to participate in the management of Crown land as an appointed board member. Becoming involved in the management of Crown land is a rewarding experience. This would allow you to get involved with our historic war memorial and take care of this asset that is important to our Guyra veterans and community.
We are looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds with a diversity of skills, expertise, and interests, who are passionate about the management of our Soldier’s Memorial Hall and the benefits it provides to the community.
A willingness to work with others as part of a team is a must. You MUST have working knowledge of computers, an email address, and the capacity to be involved in one of the many aspects of the Land Manager – executive positions, grant writing, hall maintenance, etc. Also note that board members need to attend regularly scheduled face-to-face meetings.
We usually meet on Sunday afternoons, but we are holding our 2022 AGM on Wednesday 12 October at 3pm and invite interested community members to come along to the hall and see whether they would be willing to help over the next few months; a ‘taste test’ so to speak! You can see if you are interested and then apply next year.
Email all enquiries to
Chris Hietbrink President/Secretary
and Naomi Davidson - Treasurer - GWMHLM