Positively different radio station

BEHIND THE MICROPHONE: James Pontil, Zed Jones, Zari Jones, and Luke Reeves
15th Dec 2021

There is a new radio station in town called Faith FM. Faith FM is the Seventh-day Adventist radio station, which is played all around Australia. The network provides “positively different” lifestyle and spiritual radio programs to benefit, enhance and uplift. You can listen on 88.0 FM here in Guyra and on 87.6FM in Armidale and Glen Innes.
Pastor of the Guyra Seventh-day Adventist Church Luke Reeves recently got together a group of teens from across the Northern Tablelands and North Coast to start their own weekly program.
“The idea came out of our evangelism outreach and we decided to record a Bible study program called Tableland Explorers for Faith FM,” Pastor Reeves said. “We called it Tableland Explorers because we are in the Northern Tablelands, and we are exploring the teachings of the Bible.
“With the help of my co-host James we got 10 teens involved and they come from Guyra, Armidale, Glen Innes, Macksville, and Coffs Coast Seventh-day Adventist Churches.
“They were paired up and they had to go through the study and come up with their own thoughts. When they were finished they came into the studio here in Guyra to record it.”
“Our first of many bible study series is called the Faith of Doss. The studies are based on Desmond Doss a World War two medic who went to war and did not carry a gun.”
“He saved countless lives and ended up receiving the medal of honour. During these 12 studies we will discover what teachings from the Bible gave Doss the faith and courage to be the hero of Hacksaw ridge.”
The first study aired on the 30th of October 2021 and Tableland Explorers airs every Saturdays at 5:30pm. You can go to faithfm.com.au for more information on programs and locations or download the Faith FM Australia App.
For more information, you can contact us at tablelandexplorers@gmail.com