Tech help for seniors launching at Libraries

18th Jan 2022

Senior residents will have the opportunity to learn all things digital as Armidale Regional Libraries partner with to bring tech help to seniors.
Tech help will launch in both Armidale and Guyra libraries from February, enabling seniors to work with younger members of the community to gain assistance navigating devices and the online world.
Armidale Regional Council Coordinator of Libraries Aimee Hutton said the launch of tech help is a great employment opportunity for local youngsters to share their digital skills with the wider community, while gaining a sense of achievement and the chance to appreciate life skills from elders.
Tech help will be available every Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at Armidale Library and every Saturday morning in Guyra Library starting 25 February 2022.
Seniors can seek assistance with mobile phones, tablets or computers, using apps, and accessing websites. Each one-on-one session is 15 minutes and bookings can be made online at or by calling your Armidale or Guyra libraries.
Tech help for seniors at Armidale Regional Libraries is supported by Tech Savvy Seniors, a NSW Government partnership with Telstra, the State library of NSW and Edwards Coaches.