Historical Society needs your help.

Arthur Devlin and W Woodward with a load of skins
01st Apr 2020

Members of the Guyra Historical Society are researching and recording the businesses that were in Guyra. With the view of producing a book that will be launched next year. They are asking if anyone has a story or a photo pertaining to a business in Guyra. It could be a story about working in the shop, buying from the shop or just a photo of the shop or a story that their parents or grandparents told them.
We were recently given a photo of Solomon Skin Shop. Solomon Skin shop (the local Branch of Herbert J Solomon Export Limited) was situated in Malpas Street / New England Highway on the site were the Guyra Motel now stands (opposite Big Lamb Statue) The business started C 1912. W (Billy) Woodward was the Manager from 1912 until 1937 with his residence being next door were the Rafters/Woolly Lamb is.
.On researching this business, we came across the following article from Guyra Argus dated 22nd June, 1922:
Mr W. Woodward the well-known local skin and produce buyer informs us that from 29th May to 10th June, a period of 12 days, excluding a holiday, he purchased 16,143 lbs of rabbit skins, paying for same £2,122.16.11 the price per lb working out at a fraction under 2/7½. Taking 6 skins to the lb the above figures show that 96,858 rabbits were destroyed in this district in a very short time. It is questionable whether any other industry in New England, any one mine included, ever paid out more for labour in the time quoted.
If you have a photo or a name of a business we can do the research. We would also love to talk to you.
Please contact Dorothy Lockyer 02 6779 2132 (work) or 02 6779 1146 (after hours). You can also email dorothy@gala.org.au