Stories of drought brought together in new book

09th Aug 2022

Thirteen farm wives and daughters from across NSW and SA have put pen to paper to tell their story of living through drought years.
The stories have been collated into a book titled ‘Dusty Boots, Faithful Hearts’. Described as a biography of sorts, the book includes a chapter written by Ruth Stace from her farm west of Guyra. Ruth’s chapter is written from the perspective of the drought, bushfires and the emotional impact that it had on her family.
The idea for the book came in January 2020 with the dream to tell a story of drought from a female perspective. Two years later, the heart-felt, real life stories have been collated into a book which is available now for preorder.
Toni Clark from Tomingly near Dubbo is also one of the authors and said that it became obvious to her that stories about the drought needed to be told and couldn’t be forgotten.
“The book is unique in that each person has written of their own experiences and in their own style,” Toni said.
“We were all so busy helping out in the drought, that it was only when it was over that we had the time to sit back and reflect on what had happened.
“To make things more interesting it was put together virtually due to distance and also because COVID kept us all close to home.”
While the authors shared the experience of living through drought, they also shared their Christian faith, which they believe helped them survive the tough times.
“It is a way of letting others know that you are not alone when you are experiencing hardship, and also a way to empower women and thank the communities that supported us.”
The book is self-published and is available for pre-order on ‘Dusty Boots, Faithful Hearts’ facebook and Instagram pages.