New release for local children’s book author

Bec Nanayakkara is pursuing her dreams of writing from her base at Black Mountain
18th Jun 2024

Black Mountain children’s author, Bec Nanayakkara, is set to release her second children’s book, The Book Star, a heartwarming story about following dreams and staying true to yourself.
Author, storyteller, and homeschooling mother-of-five, Ms Nanayakkara has loved storytelling from an early age, feeling most at home at her local library.
“We moved from Geelong for a ‘tree change’ three years ago and have never looked back,” Ms Nanayakkara said.
“I’m inspired every day by the beauty of this region we get to call home. I signed up to our local libraries at Armidale and Guyra as soon as we arrived. They have been a central point of connection ever since.”
In her previous role supporting student learning and wellbeing, Ms Nanayakkara often found the best way to teach anything was with a good story.
“I’ve always loved creative writing, but it wasn’t until I completed a picture book writing course that I fully embraced my passion for storytelling,” Ms Nanayakkara said.
“I have many creative hobbies, but writing has become my favourite. Partly because there’s no mess involved, and partly because a published book is just the best thing!”
Beautifully illustrated by Joanna Bartel and published by Affirm Press, ‘The Book Star’ follows the story of Grace, a young girl with a passion for space. When she decides to dress-up as space for her school’s Book Week party, Grace’s friends declare that space is ‘boring and weird’. Will Grace follow her heart for Book Week?
The Book Star is Ms Nanayakkara’s second book following ‘Grow Big Little Seed’, released with Hardie Grant in April this year. Another two picture books have been signed for 2025 release.
Ms Nanayakkara will be holding a series of local events including a school holiday creative workshop at Armidale Library on Friday July 19th at 11:30am.
Local creative writers, anyone who’s dreamed of publication or learning more about author life will enjoy Ms Nanayakkara’s upcoming session on Saturday September 12th, 10am to 2pm at Readers Companion Bookshop, Armidale.
Learn about the publication journey, alongside valuable tips and tricks to enhance your creative writing skills in this engaging session.
More information and bookings at:

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