Warning to watch out for fake email invoices

Be alert for email scams
09th Apr 2024

Scammers are now posing as a real business you’ve recently dealt with, and sending out fake invoices with changed payment details.
Scammers make these invoices look real by copying business logos and ABNs, making the scams harder to spot.
Always check payment details directly with a business before paying an emailed invoice. 
How to spot the scam
Fake invoice scams are hard to spot. This is because:
• the scammer will hack the business’ email system or impersonate their email address
• a fake invoice looks real and may have the business logo and ABN
• the email might look just like other emails from the business, and may appear in the same email or conversation history.
You need to check the fake invoice against a real business email or invoice. A fake invoice has different payment or banking details, or a different BSB and account number to the real business.