Water security: what matters to you?

Gara River at Blue Hole Photo courtesy of Terry Cook Photos
28th Mar 2023

A survey seeking views from all residents in the Armidale local government area has been launched by Sustainable Water Futures Armidale Region, a community group within Sustainable Living Armidale.
Kate Boyd, Convenor of Sustainable Water Futures Armidale Region said that they want to open a conversation with the community on water futures.
“We’ve started by setting up a survey asking about Water Security: What matters to you? We want to hear from many different people about what is important to them, whether the last drought changed their water use, and what they want considered in planning for future water security,” Kate said.
“March 22nd is World Water Day and this is a good time to reflect on how water is used and managed locally, including in droughts with climate change, and on the rivers from which we take water.”
The survey is for all the residents in Guyra, Armidale and the surrounding rural areas. They are invited to use this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PTZKVHT to do the 10 minute survey on the internet, and to share it with a wide range of residents.
Guyra and Armidale get water from the Gara River which flows through Blue Hole into the Macleay River then towards Bellbrook and Kempsey.
One option that Armidale Regional Council is considering is to also take water from the Oaky River via a dam, pumps and pipeline. Both Gara and Oaky Rivers provide flows to the Macleay through Oxley Wild Rivers National Park.
“We will use the survey responses to inform our community about the range of views on the region’s water future. A summary of results will be given to Armidale Regional Council,” Kate said.
“We aim to collaborate with our Council and community in seeking water security for people and nature. Let’s learn from each other’s perspectives then creatively explore solutions to enable us all to live sustainably with water.”