VRA looking for new recruits

21st Apr 2021

Guyra Volunteer Rescue Association is about to commence our bi-annual round of recruitment for VRA members to join our organisation here in Guyra.
The NSW VRA has over 50 Rescue Squads all over NSW serving their communities in General Land Rescue with a number of specialist Squads who deliver Alpine and Cave Rescue.
The traditional role of an accredited General Land Rescue Operator has the individual qualified in a number of facets of general land based rescue activities. While primarily the VRA is known for attending Motor Vehicle Accidents to release trapped persons this is only a small portion of our community related role.
In addition to pursuing community minded members who are willing to take on the commitment that is required to be a General Land Rescue (GLR) Operator we are moving forward with a new campaign to recruit members to undertake different duties that do not relate to the ugliness of road trauma and domestic and industrial rescue.
Our intention is to recruitment new members to be trained for Land Search operations.
In recent times we have had three separate Land Search operations in the New England for missing persons that required attendance by the VRA and other volunteer organisations in the NSW SES and NSW RFS.
These search related activations can be anything from an overdue bushwalker, a property owner that has failed to return home, lost or missing children or a search for evidence to assist Police.
The VRA will provide to successful participants both a Safety and Volunteer Induction course, an accredited First Aid Course every 3 years and a basic Land Search awareness course that will include Map reading, Search Techniques, and Communications all at a basic introductory level only. You will be provided with a single VRA search uniform, boots and a back pack. If available to attend a search incident you will attend along with accredited VRA GLR operators.
So if you have a fair level of fitness, are a community minded person who enjoys the outdoors and prepared to attend a minimum of 2 of the 4 half day Search related training events to be conducted each year in close proximity to Guyra to maintain your basic skill set you may be just the person we are looking for.
It should be noted, as these incidents don’t always require a rapid response and you may be provided with up to 12 hours notice of a search, so you don’t need to live in close proximity to Guyra.
If you would like further information contact the Guyra VRA Squad Trainer on 0428792425.