Winter’s first cold snap expected this week

Council Chambers in 2015 snowfall
09th Jun 2021

The first big cold blast of winter is about to hit, with forecast of heavy snowfalls which could see some areas of the NSW Northern Tablelands receive dumps of up to 20 centimetres, the biggest falls for several years. Guyra is expected to be one of the hardest hit areas with the extreme conditions expected.
The Bureau of Meteorology forecast is for an extended snow event from Wednesday through to Friday. On Wednesday June 9th, snow is expected down to 900 metres with an expected maximum of 5oC.
The snow will continue into Thursday with temperature expected to hover between
-1oC. and 1oC. for most of the day with snow possible above 1000m, while Friday snow will also be possible above 1100m.
The last big fall of snow for the area was in 2015, when two consecutive snow events in July of that year. Snow fell on two consecutive days on the 12th and 13th of July settling to a depth of around 8cm. Further falls were recorded on the 16th and 17th of July.
Another big fall occurred in October 2012 with settling to a depth of 10cm.
The forecast has triggered detailed warnings for livestock producers in the region.
Northern Tablelands Local Land Services district vet, Lisa Martin, said the majority of stock would handle the cold snap well if producers take the usual precautions.
“They’re the normal things like have plenty of feed for your stock... put out a bit of hay,” she said.
But with producers still restocking and buying some animals from warmer climates, there will be some stock that need extra attention.
“Those animals will feel the cold a bit more than the locally bred stock,” Ms Martin said. “They could be a little more pre-disposed to things like pneumonia.”