SAGG encouraged by meeting

11th Oct 2022

The SAGG (Save and Grow Guyra) group met with Adam Marshall MP recently and say they were encouraged to hear Adam reiterate the commitment he made some years ago to support them in their push for separation of the Armidale Regional Council into two new council areas, one based in Armidale and the other in Guyra. The meeting, which took place at a newly established shop front at the Cosy Corner in Guyra, saw a large number of people attend.
SAGG spokesperson Rob Lenehan said it was pleasing to see some very well-presented questions from the crowd in regard to what they see as the absolute failure of the forced amalgamation.
Among the issues raised were the total loss of democratic rights at Local Government level, the dysfunction and economic inefficiencies of the new council, and the fact that the Guyra community and council were forced into something they vehemently opposed and were ignored.
Mr Lenehan said that the SAGG group and community were thankful to Mr Marshall for the opportunity to discuss this vital issue.
“We have concentrated our efforts in recent weeks on acquiring the remaining support letters required to accompany our submission,” Mr Lenehan said.
“Once the submission is prepared, Mr Marshall said he will present them to Parliament and in particular to the Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman MP, recommending she pass our submission on to the Boundaries Commission.
“He also made a further commitment to investigate on behalf of SAGG the possibility of attracting some grant funding to assist in the final preparation of the Submission/Proposal.”
Support letters are still available to sign at the Cosy Corner (northern end Bradley St, diagonally opposite Fourways) which is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The group are also looking into setting up a collection point in Armidale and have been conducting door knocking with great success.
If you would like to help in any way drop into the Cosy Corner, even if it’s only for a yarn. They will be hosting a sausage sizzle on Saturdays around midday for the next few weeks and everyone is welcome.