Ingrid in Mexico - birthdays, holidays and cliff diving

Watching cliff diving as the sun sets
19th Apr 2023

My March Report 
I really don’t think the months are getting any quieter. March brought three birthday parties. March 5th was Karin’s dad’s birthday, they celebrated with a big party at the Fotomecanica in Toluca. The second birthday was for the Danish exchange girl, Mia. She turned 17 so we had a party of about 20 exchange students, a few of Alina’s host brothers’ friends and one of Mia’s school friends. The third birthday was to celebrate Karin’s great niece Camilla turning 1. The party was held at the holiday house of Roberto’s girlfriend’s family in Cuernavaca. They had a big catered brunch of bagels, chilaquiles and fruit etc. The little kids had a jumping castle and there was a big balloon arch. 
The next day I was peer pressured into trying offal soup and accidentally swam with a scorpion. I would not recommend either but would take the scorpion situation over the soup a million times over. 
At the beginning of March, we attended the book release of Karin and Roberto’s friend. I am unsure as to why the book’s subject is so specific but it is about female photographers from the 1920’s. Four of their friends also attended so afterwards we walked around downtown Mexico City trying to find somewhere to eat but it was very busy so we ended up going to the same park that I attended the San Valentine’s Rotary event in. We ate churros at El Morro then walked around the park. All the city’s lights were so gorgeous in the dark. 
We had breakfast with a photographer Karin had been speaking to on Instagram. We met at a mall in Santa Fe called Centro Santa Fe, it has to be the biggest shopping centre I have ever been to, having three stories and housing over 400 retailers. 
Just to give better size reference the MCG is 20,000 metres squared, Centro Santa Fe measures in at 210,400 metres squared. That makes it over 10 times bigger!
School has become pretty standard. I survived my first ever exam week by drawing and watching Netflix and helped in my first group project, about eagles for biology. 
I also participated in the school’s spring parade. Everyone decorated teachers’ cars, four of my classmates and I all decorated a teacher’s ute with giant Hawaiian necklaces then got on the back and drove through Metepec talking and waving to everyone in the street.  
Also on this month’s list of firsts, I attended a Mexican cinema for the first time. We watched Shazam in a special cinema where they actually serve you your dinner and every seat is a reclinable lounge chair. 
This month’s absolute highlight was the trip to Acapulco. Our accommodation was called ‘The Mayan Palace’ and did slightly resemble an ancient Mayan civilization from the TV, filled with Mexicans and with lots of straw roofs, big stone pillars and jungle-esque surroundings, however no human sacrifice was performed during our stay so they didn’t have it spot on. 
When the staff dropped our bags off we all changed into swimmers and headed straight for the beach and pools.  Jaoa, Juliet and I got big inflatable donuts and floated around the donut river for a while then headed to the beach. Jaoa taught me a traditional Brazilian prayer/mini ritual to thank the Brazilian God of the Sea which he performs before he ever enters the ocean and for the first time in my life I did not get sunburnt.
We started our second day with a buffet breakfast at the resort then all split up. Jaoa and I went to explore more of the resort. I changed into my new swimmers (bought after my strap broke), then we stopped at the plaza for an impulse purchase of macarons which were hands down the best macarons I’ve ever had.
We had dinner at a seafood restaurant. My favourite part was that I could just order a whole coconut, I got to drink all the water straight from the coconut and then eat all the flesh from inside.
Jaoa, Karin and I got dropped back to the resort. We went night swimming, which was fun because the stars were gorgeous and there was no one else at the pool so it was super peaceful and relaxing.
Day three was less busy because it was 32ºC from 9:30AM until 5PM and I had very little intention of dying from heat exhaustion or sunburn. We made breakfast and ate it all together in the room then lounged around chatting and using our phones. By 2PM I was sick of sitting inside so I threw on my swimmers and gassed myself with aerosol sunscreen and headed out. Eventually I headed back to the family who had all been doing their own things and we went for a drive to a famous spot in Acapulco where the cliff scenes in a movie called ‘No Instructions Included’ were filmed and got to see the sunset over the water. 
They also had a cliff diving demonstration and we watched 8 people jump from all different heights into the water below. The top of the cliffs are 24 metres above sea level so there was no way I was joining in, allowed or not. 
The next day we woke up fairly late, but didn’t have to check out until 1PM. It was absolutely bucketing when we reached Karin’s parents’ house so we all changed cars very quickly and had a quiet trip home with a lovely lightning show. 
I believe I will move soon so hopefully I will be able to write about that in my next report. Most of the photos are from Acapulco but it was gorgeous, so enjoy. 
Ingrid CG.