Landholders asked to ensure compliance with safe storage of firearms

28th Jun 2022

Police are encouraging landholders to conduct regular property security checks and to ensure compliance with safe storage of firearms. The messaging comes as NSW Police Force conduct Operation Armour which aims to prevent, disrupt and reduce firearms thefts across Western Region.
Western Region Operation Manager, Acting Superintendent Bruce Grassick said they encourage firearm owners to ensure that the correct safe storage compliance is followed.
“Firearms that are not stored securely or stored incorrectly at uninhabited dwellings, make easy opportunities for thieves during break-and-enters,” A/Supt Grassick said.
Western Region Firearm Sponsor, Superintendent Bob Noble is urging residents to contact their local licensing Sergeant for assistance to provide you with information to ensure firearm/s are complying with the safe storage requirements.
“Following firearm safe storage procedures is vital in the prevention of theft and keeping our communities safe,” Supt. Noble said.
“I also want to emphasise the importance of prompt reporting which can be done through your local police, the Police Assistance Line or Crime Stoppers as soon as possible to allow police to appropriately respond to the incident.”
In particular, police encourage firearm owners to regularly check their firearms and ensure compliance with the Firearm Legislation:
• Ensure firearms are kept in safe storage facilities when not in use
• Lock ammunition in a container kept separate to the firearms
• Ensure safe keeping facilities are locked at all times
• Ensure no unauthorised
person knows where the keys to the safe storage facilities are kept, or the safe combination details
• Check your firearms
Securing properties and equipment is also encouraged to reduce the risk of falling victim to theft:
• Prominently display the property’s RMB Number
• Conduct regular checks of the property’s boundary fences and gates
• Display ‘No Trespassing’ warning signs on perimeter fence lines and gates
• Install security lighting around the homestead and sheds
• Consider installing an intruder alarm system or surveillance camera
• Where possible, keep valuable items and machinery engraved and secure
• Check machinery and tools regularly
• Remove keys from vehicles and machinery
Primary producers can access the NSW Police Force Farm
Security Assessment via the following link:
Victims of rural crime are urged to promptly report the incident to their local Rural Crime Investigator, local police station or Crime Stoppers to ensure a whole-of-community approach to reduce and solve crime in regional areas.
Anyone with information about this incident is urged
to contact Crime Stoppers: by phoning 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence.