Peonies pull them in

24th Nov 2020

Guyra took on a festive feel on Saturday with the town’s first ever Peony Festival
exceeding the expectations of organisers. Visitors came from as far afield as Murwillumbah and Moree as well as nearby towns, to not only purchase a bunch of peonies but also to support other businesses and enjoy a day out in our cooler climate.
Fiona Smith was one of the organisers and she said that they were blown away by the response and from her point of view it looked like it was great day for everyone.
“The whole idea was to support a local Guyra business and also bring people to town to support other businesses,” Fiona said.
“Judging by the number of peonies sold and seeing so many people filling up the coffee shops, enjoying the atmosphere, buying raffle tickets and making purchases throughout town I think it was a great success.”
Fiona said that because of COVID they decided to keep it simple and just asked the main street to be open and see what would happen. They hope to be able to expand the idea with bigger plans in conjunction with the Spring Flower Festival next year and also the possibility of other special days throughout the year.
“To look at the main street on Saturday morning with so many people, it would be great to see it like this more often,” she said.
“The drought showed just how vulnerable we were, because once the farmers stopped spending money, businesses really suffered.”
“I think it was great to see those businesses open and doing so well and we have shown what can be done by working together to create something interesting,’ Fiona said.
“It really gives you a bit of hope for the future.”

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