Dynamic lagoons survey online

16th Sep 2020

There are 58 lagoons in the New England Tablelands and most occur on private property. Like all wetlands, they are very productive, capturing the nutrients that run off from the surrounding catchments in rain. Unlike other wetlands, they have small catchments and are usually disconnected from rivers and streams.
Ecologists at the University of New England are part of the NSW Environmental Trust program, Saving our Species to complete a seven year study on the lagoons. Currently they are surveying community attitudes to find out more about how the community feels and what they know about lagoons.
The project will establish an evidence-based public engagement and education program to raise awareness of the importance of wet-dry phenologies in Upland Wetlands, as well as the critical threats and impacts that affect wetland ecological function.
As part of this project, they are conducting a survey to monitor the knowledge, attitudes related to the ecological function of threatened Upland Wetlands on the Northern Tablelands. The survey is an anonymous online questionnaire that will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. You will find a link to the survey on the project website www.dynamiclagoons.org