Local students enjoy taste of science

26th Jan 2021

Joseph Stanley and Tayla Mitchell recently took part in the National Youth Science Program. Both Tayla and Joseph were financially endorsed by the Rotary Club of Guyra to assist them in attending this program. This week they tell us about their experience.
“The program had various lectures throughout the 14 day period, including discussions about real science research like climate change and immunology, speeches from experts like Nobel Prize winner, Professor Barry Marshall and various careers sessions with leading companies and universities like University of Queensland and Lockhead Martin. The best part of the online lectures in the NYSF was most definitely the Careers Sessions as we were able to talk with leading professionals as well as the admissions teams for prestigious Universities across Australia.
The program was initially to be a 10 day residential program in Brisbane or Canberra, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became a comprehensive 14 day online experience. Due to being online, we were able to speak and listen to various leading world professionals from across the world. To have some form of physical interaction within the program, NYSF established various STEM hubs across Australia for students to book into. Tayla and I both chose to attend the University of New England due to it being the closest.
The UNE Stem Visit was an extremely eye opening experience. It was amazing to be able to see the range of diverse fields of science that are available within society, from Etymology to Immunology. During the visit, we explored the Natural History Museum, spoke to a zoologist, looked at the virtual anatomy of a chicken and explored various parts of the campus including the new SMART Farm. We also got to hangout and meet with various like-minded students. Overall, the STEM Visit was probably the highlight of the program and it was an awesome opportunity to be exposed to the numerous avenues of science.
During the entire National Youth Science Forum, we were extremely overwhelmed with the range of diverse pathways in STEM, from medicine in space to entomology. The experience was a remarkable experience and I’m glad I was lucky enough to be a part of it. It has definitely inspired us and allowed us to consider a rewarding career in various areas of STEM.”
Joseph Stanley and Tayla Mitchell