‘Tildy’s Sausage Sensation’ A mother’s tribute to her daughter

27th Jul 2021
Janelle Stewart

Peta Kerr was a happy and talented girl with a love for life, for running, gymnastics, riding and for her family, friends and school. Tragically, she was diagnosed with brain cancer just before her 10th birthday, a disease that eventually claimed her life in 2019 aged 11.
While undergoing treatment in hospital Peta spent a lot of time away from home and school and began to write stories about her beloved dog, Tildy.
After Peta’s passing her Mum, Kate Kane, decided to work on the stories and publish them in her memory, as well as to raise money for vital research into childhood cancer. The result is a delightful book ‘Tildy’s Sausage Sensation’ which is now available to purchase.
The book is a tribute to Peta and a reminder of the special bond that she had with Tildy. Their shared journey is captured in beatutiful illustrations by local artist Kay Smith
It has been a labour of love for Kate, who still misses her daughter every day. By raising money for more research she hopes that it can stop this happening to another child and another family
“Childhood cancer is devastating and Tildy was such a comfort for Peta. She absolutely adored her and they had some really happy times together,” Kate said.
“Peta didn’t get the chance to finish her story and this was something I wanted to do for her, and also to help others.”
“Throughout her illness Peta kept her beautiful smile, always thinking of others before herself, and never complained.
“Even during her sickest times, she was more worried about the sacrifices the family was making for her than she was for herself.”
“Now that the book is finished I have mixed emotions because it has been a lot of hard work and a steep learning curve, but also a way of staying close to Peta and keeping her memory alive.
“Through Tidly, her horse and the Willy Wagtails that she loved, I still have a connection to my daughter and it is through them that I get a lot of comfort.
“I hope that others can learn more about her and how they can help fight the disease which took her from us.”
The profits from ‘Tildy’s Sausage Sensation’ will be split between the Children’s Cancer Institute and the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre. Kate said that research into childhood cancer, and specifically childhood brain cancer, is vastly underfunded.
Protocols for some childhood cancers have not changed in 30 years, and in that time the number of drugs developed specifically for children’s cancers has been pitifully small compared to the number developed for adults. On average one Australian child dies every nine days from brain cancer and three Australian children die each week from cancer. More research is desperately needed to improve these statistics as well as to improve outcomes for survivors.
‘Tidly’s Sausage Sensation’ retails for $29.50 and can be purchased in Guyra from Juniels, Landmark and Cross Country Taxation. Copies are also available in Armidale through Reader’s Companion, Gathered Goods, Burton’s
Saddlery and the Armidale Pet Shop.
You can also get copies via the website https://www.tildystories.com/ or contact them via facebook or by email hello@tildystories.com

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