“Be creative with your space”

02nd Jun 2020

With Winter now upon us, most of the Autumn leaves in our gardens are spent. They are ready to be raked up and popped onto garden beds or into the compost heap with the other bits amassed from pruning and preparing your garden for Winter hibernation.
Our beautiful old oak and the late Autumn foliage of Chanticleer Pears, are the only colour left, but what is outstanding in the garden is the brightly coloured branches of the Red Twig Dogwoods, the trunks of Sliver Birches and the bark on the Crepe Mrytle’s.
Soon we’ll see the delicate flowers of Hellebores, Daphne, Snow Drops, and Bergenia’s. If you are looking for Winter interest, I would strongly suggest that if you don’t already have the hardy Hellebore in your garden to go and buy a few or ask a gardening friend, they are sure to have some. They will flower profusely through Winter and well into Spring, their deep green leaves provide foliage interest all year round and they just love our climate. They also tolerant hot summers, like the one we’ve just had, as long as they are protected from the hot sun. They will also happily multiply, so before you know it you will have an abundance of hellebores to give away.
But what really comes into its own at this time of year are the structural elements of your garden, such as hedges, decorative tree trunks, as described earlier and the shape and placement of your trees also plays a really important role in your garden.
Sculptures, outdoor settings, ornamental pots and things such as fire pits, which are often not only beautiful pieces of art, but practical and a really fun element in your garden, also become important. I know people who have welded their own fire pits in beautiful shapes, or used discarded drums or old soap making dishes as fire pits. In the last few years they have become very popular, but for good reason. Is there anything better than enjoying a glass of red around an open fire with family and friends?
I found this photo of a ‘wood pile wall’ created by Genevieve McLean, a gardener I follow on Instagram @thelazybadger. What an incredibly creative use of a natural resource. It highlights what can be done with the ‘ordinary’ and that you really don’t need fancy pergolas or expensive rock walls built, just your imagination. A gravelled area, with a few logs as individual seats, set in a circle around the fire is a classic design, not expensive, provides hours of entertainment and brings an area of your garden to life. Not to mention less mowing in Summer!
There is always something to admire in a well thought out garden, so do your research, be creative and try something new in your garden space this Winter.
Until next time,
Happy Gardening!
The ‘Girl Who Gardens’

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