“Singing Bush” detuned

31st Aug 2021

Members of the Golf Club will be mortified to see that the famous tree of the 6th hole, ‘The Singing Bush’, has split and fallen. The tree has caused untold amusement to club members after being christened by Andrew (Joel) Youman many years ago.
At the time a visitor hit his drive about 150 metres, landing adjacent to the tree. Joel said ‘you’re in ‘The Singing Bush’, to which the visitor (who had some agricultural knowledge) replied ‘I’ve never heard of a Singing Bush.’
When he was half way through his next shot, Joel and his partner started out with a loud “LA-LA-LA” melody, which completely ruined the visitor’s shot. The story was a cause of great amusement amongst all players and visitors. Subsequently a song book entitled “The Song Bush” was hung in the tree, along with other song books, which continued to amuse visiting golfers.
So it is with great sadness we say farewell to ‘The Singing Bush’.

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