A & J Vietnamese opening

Thi Dinh and wife Vy Pham will be cooking up Vietnamese at the Guyra Hotel from this week
23rd Jul 2019
Janelle Stewart

A desire to escape the rat race of the city and provide a better life for their family brought Thi Dinh and wife Vy Pham to Guyra. Originally from Vietnam, they spent 10 years in Sydney before making the decision to escape to the country.
After six months working at the tomato farm, they are consolidating their place in the community by opening a Vietnamese restaurant which will operate from the Guyra Hotel.
A & J Vietnamese Restaurant takes its name from the couple’s two children Anthony and Jacob. Thi said that he wanted to get away from the crowds and rush of the city to show them a different way of life.
“I wanted them to experience the real Australian culture and show them a different way of life,” he said. “They love it here and so do we because the people are friendly, we love the weather and now we do not want to go back.”
Thi believes that Vietnamese food offers a healthier choice than other Asian cuisines.
“We use less oil than Chinese and it is not as spicy as Thai so I think people will really enjoy the difference,” he said. “There is also a strong French influence and more salad options.”
“For busy people who want a quick lunch the Vietnamese roll is healthy, quick and easy to eat,” he said. “In winter when it is cold, our soup is good to warm you up and there are many tasty dishes for people to try.”
Publican Mick Shiner welcomed Thi, and said “he will do well because everyone will like him”.
A & J Restaurant will be open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. They will be open for business starting this week.