Enjoy a ‘Picnic in Nature’ at Little Llangothlin

If you love nature why not visit Little Llangothlin Nature Reserve this Saturday
17th Oct 2023

The Guyra Landcare Network and the Ben Lomond Landcare Group, invite you to a ‘Picnic for Nature’ at Little Llangothlin Lagoon on Saturday October 21st from 10:30am to 2pm.
Communities across NSW will simultaneously host a picnic - in conjunction with Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCC), to provide an opportunity to bring nature lovers together to connect over the natural beauty and biodiversity in the local area and experience a diverse variety of birds, frogs and vegetation.
Little Llangothlin Lagoon is a World Heritage RAMSAR site with a short walk to a picnic area that invites you to see, hear and smell the wonders of the wetland.
At the viewing area there is information signage, and the Lagoon is surrounded by a 5 kilometre walk track where you can see the outcome of recent significant re-vegetation projects.
Bring a hat (with a fly veil), sunscreen, good walking shoes, sunglasses, camera, water/drinks, food, fruit and picnic rug as well as a garbage bag to take home your waste.
Downloading Frog ID app from the Australian Museum onto your phone will help you identify the 90 different species of frogs found in the Lagoon. 
From more information please contact Southern New England Landcare mail@snelandcare.org.au on behalf of the Guyra Landcare Network or the Ben Lomond Landcare Group bllandcare92@gmail.com.