Ingrid in Mexico – September report

The Queretaro arches, originally built as an aquaduct
17th Oct 2023

After a long break school has finally started for the Mexican School year. I now actively participate in every class, though I still have some minor issues with the language. I am now able to read and write in Spanish relatively well. My favourite subjects this term are psychology, human rights and administration.
For Mexican Independence Day, being independence from Spanish rule, we had a fun day. At school we played various games for two hours. We also had stalls set up selling traditional Mexican foods such as pozole and enchiladas.
This month I also managed a trip to the cinema where I saw Nun 2, with my friend Emi. I have also had numerous social outings with my host Mum Gabbi and her friends. The cafe where we drank coffee was super cute, with all the drinks on the menu being named after famous artists or their art work.
We have also had two to three Rotary dinners during the month which were all enjoyable. Because we have had new students arrive I have found them more enjoyable, rather than being the only exchange student present. The new students are from Hungary, Brazil and France. I have developed a bond with the Hungarian girl and we share the journey to Spanish language classes. She has landed on her feet and has a wonderful host family.
I have also been lucky enough to travel a little more, and experience new parts of the Mexican country. This has included a trip to Malinalco where we celebrated a birthday for a friend’s father. We made the most of the trip visiting the markets, a mezcaleria, a cafe and their Aunty’s house. The town itself is super gorgeous and the food was fantastic.
At the Mezcaleria (restaurant/bar) they had bottles of tequila with spiders, ants, cockroaches and a snake all floating around in them. This is seen as a delicacy in Mexico.
For the Independence Day long weekend I travelled to Queretaro. In addition to spending a day exploring the city we went swimming and watched the Independence Day ceremony on the television. We also shared food with friends of the family. In addition to an address from the President of Mexico, and a few politicians yelling “Viva Mexico” there was also a traditional fireworks display to end the celebrations.
Unfortunately I had to go to the Doctor for the first time during my visit. To say it was a little different would be an understatement. The surgery itself looked like a super fancy motel. Once I had my consultation with the Doctor he prescribed some medication. Unlike Australia where Dr Jey prints out the prescriptions, the Doctor proceeded to type up the script on an old typewriter. Many places here don’t seem to have computers which seems a bit strange for someone used to always having a computer close by.
I look forward to seeing what the next month holds in store for me. Thank you for reading of my adventures in Mexico. 
Ingrid Geere

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