Is Tiley set to return to ‘paradise’

09th Jun 2021

There is now less than three months to go until Local Government elections in NSW.
Voters will head to the polls to vote for their council representatives on Saturday September 4th.
Ahead of the poll, Armidale Regional Council (ARC) Mayor Ian Tiley has given a strong indication that he will not be a candidate for ARC and will instead run for a spot on Clarence Valley Council (CVC).
It has been revealed that his name was spotted on a Local Government Register of Candidates for CVC and he has been quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying “the probability is that I will run” and that it is “time to return to paradise”.
The registration of a candidate is a separate process to nomination and was brought in to help prospective candidates better understand the responsibilities of being a local government representative.
Mr Tiley was the first Mayor of Clarence Valley Council when it was amalgamated in 2003 and has indicated that he eager to get back to his home in Maclean on a more permanent basis.
In 2016 Mr Tiley was appointed administrator of the newly formed ARC and was elected to its first council in 2017. Following political turmoil and the short-term appointment of another administrator to ARC in 2020, Mr Tiley was elected Mayor.