Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation – Growing, Harvesting, Preparing and Sharing

30th Nov 2021

In 2022 Guyra Central School will be partnering with Stephanie Alexander in the way of a Kitchen Garden Program for their Primary students. Stephanie Alexander launched the pilot Kitchen Garden Program in 2001. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is now supporting schools and early childhood services of all sizes to deliver pleasurable food education.
The Kitchen Garden Program offers educators a comprehensive package of professional development, educational resources and support. Some of the main benefits that a kitchen garden program provides for students are:
Positive food behaviours: Students learn how to grow, cook, eat and share fresh, delicious, nutritious food.
Connectedness with the outdoors: Students learn about their natural environment, the seasons, and how to care for gardens.
Practical skills: Students learn a number of skills, from recycling, composting and preserving to budgeting and fundraising.
Life skills: Students learn essential life-long skills, such as cooperating, sharing, critical thinking and leadership.
Engagement: The hands-on approach of the Kitchen Garden Program sparks enthusiasm, especially for students who face barriers learning in the traditional classroom environment.
Wellbeing: Students develop positive relationships with peers and adults, building a sense of connectedness and having fun!
Guyra Central School is looking forward to sharing their successes in the Garden and Kitchen in 2022.